What is Express Wellness? Express Wellness is a termed coined by Dean and is the method of providing “express treatments” that range for 10min to 45min AND usually have little or no Consumables costs OR commissionable labor, such as:


HaloTherapy (the treatment of Salt Inhalation)- Salt Chamber, Inc- Whether you simply provide a stand alone Salt Booth OR have us design a complete Salt Room, these treatments require no labor or very little consumables- Salt (the type of salt used for “inhalation” is 99.99% Sodium Chloride) and costs $25 per 10 gallon jug. On a busy regular salt session business, you “may” use several 10gal tubs per month, or an average of ONLY $50-$100per month!

…The ROI (Return on Investment) Providing 10-15min services in a (concentrated) area like a Salt Booth, @ $25 session x 16 sessions per day, = $400 per day in pure profit, more or less. Do this 6 days a week, and you have a $2400 a week profit or approximately $10k of (non commissionable/non consumables) business PER month!

LED Light Therapy

The LightStim NEW 4 Panel LED light for 2019 is 25% more lights than before and will be priced at $4295 with over 1600+ LED lights of combination therapy of Amber, Light Red, Dark Red LED and Infrared LED. Easily add this to the end of ANY Facial and get an easy $40-50 in free labor/consumables. This will add technology, perceived value and “true” efficacious Results of redness reduction, collagen plumping and wrinkle reducing results.

…The ROI (Return on Investment)– Adding this to the end of ANY facial OR using this as a NEW treatment such as adding this to Pedicure treamtments for 20mins is EASY as you already have a captured audience anyway for 45min…they can now get a 20min Anti-Aging treatment which is HANDS FREE and you can get $40-$60 for this simultaneously. Do this 2x-3x a day @ an average of $50 per tx, and that is an extra $150 per day or $900wk. Your cost for the 4 Panel Light is $4295, so $900 x 5 weeks = $4500 in Revenue or a VERY fast 5 WEEK ROI!!

Salt Stone Massage

Harmony Salt- BY adding these NEW and Improved Salt Stone Heating Baskets, you can upgrade your Massage without adding extra time with your easily accessible Salt Stones by Harmony Salt- Not like any other Salt Stone baskets on the market today, these are brand new for 2019 and are GUARANTEED and are backed by Harmony Salt- Plus, they are over 50% LESS COST than the standard, defective versions on the market. Basically you can buy 2 for 1 !

…The ROI (Return on Investment)– Adding Salt Stones at $25 Upgrade PER massage at 5x per day = $125 per day, or $350 ROI in 3 days!!!! The Baskets come in Tempered “crushed” glass OR Rod Iron Basket Weave w 12 Himalayan Salt Stones, 8” Round Heating Stone and Halogen Bulb w Dimmer switch for $320ea !! (vs $650ea for average warmers on the market today).

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LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a very efficacious treatment that takes various wavelengths of RED LED light, AMBER LED Light and INFRARED Light and this in turn penetrates the skin to create a plumping of collagen and increased blood circulation. Please contact us directly for a wide variety of devices for both Treatments & Retail use. LED can be added to ANY Facial and adds Technology to assist in penetrating the skin with serums being used with a hand application. You can easily add LED to the end of ANY facial BUT try adding an LED lamp to other new areas such as Pedicure area, Salon, Relaxation or Make-Up/Retail area.

ROI (Return on Investment)– Add a 20min LED session to any of the above areas and easily charge $40-$50- Doing this several times a day ($150 day) in a 6 day work week ($900 week) will give you a full ROI in less than 5 weeks!! ($900 x 5wks = $4500) – The best thing is you have ZERO Consumable costs and ZERO Labor costs!!