Space Clearing Set

Price: $110.00

From babies to seasoned elders, this is a unique and thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.
Made exclusively from Bhutanese hand loomed fabric.

Widely used in Tibet, space clearing singing bowls are struck with a mallet and rubbed around the rim to produce a fascinating blend of harmonic resonance and rich overtones. It is known to create the most sensational vibrations that will properly cleanse your space. Strike gently three times and begin rubbing the mallet around the edge of the bowl to generate “continuous singing” to disperse and purify the surrounding chi. Meanwhile the Tingsha is an excellent tool for attracting new sources of income, increasing sales and inviting abundance. Ring the Tinghsa when you feel business is stagnant.
This set includes a Tibetan Singing Bowl presented in a convenient carrying bag complete with a cushion, wooden mallet and Tingsha. The alloy is made up of a 7-metals which generates a rhythm to clear away, move and heal stagnant and negative chi. This set is ideal for Feng Shui clearing to open up your home or office the opportunity to let go of the past. Clear your space and begin with a renewed energy.