Classic Hand Hammered Singing Bowl

Size:06-7″ – $105.00
Size:07-8″ – $150.00
Size:08-9″ – $190.00
Size:09-10″ – $240.00
Size:10-11″ – $300.00
Size:11-12″ – $340.00
Size:12″ – $380.00

Singing bowls – sister to the bell – are produced from bell metal(Kasa) which has been used for over 3000 years. They are truly an age old art form of manual skill and human touch. Enjoy our beautiful hand hammered Classic Himalayan metal singing bowls. They create a soothing sound to relax the body and mind. The vibrations produced are amazing for bodywork, healing, and meditation. Comes in an assortment of sizes, tones, and pitches. Each Eastern Vibration bowl has its own extraordinary sound character. Their impressive, charismatic sound embodies a wealth of classic emotional sensations and feelings.

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Therapeutic Singing Bowl
Hand Hammered 7-Metal Bronze Singing Bowl

  • Includes:
  • An introductory course on sound therapy and using singing bowls (coming soon)
  • Teak ringing stick
  • Placement pad
  • Handmade jute carrying bag