Soniclear Petite

Sonic Powered • 3 Speeds
Rechargeable* • Waterproof
World’s First Built-In Protection Against Microbial Contamination.
So Brushes Stay Cleaner, Fresher Longer

Michael Todd Soniclear 5x More Effective Than Foreo Luna

SONICLEAR Cleansing Brushes With LIFE Antimicrobial Product Protection Are 5X More Effective Than FOREO LUNA Against Microbial Contamination In Independent Laboratory Testing.

Price: $89.00


SONICLEAR Vs FOREO Luna And Other Similar Silicone Nub Devices
Accessories Included With Purchase:
1 Travel Case + 1 USB Charging Cord


Antimicrobial. Soniclear brushes are engineered to stay clean and fresh longer with our built in LIFE® antimicrobial protection against stain and odor causing bacteria. Won’t wash out or wear off for the life of the brushes. Clarisonic brushes do not have this protection.

More Sonic Powered Cleansing. In comparison tests, Soniclear Brushes were found to have 110% more sonic powered cleansing area than Clarisonic.

The whole entirety of the soniclear brush head provides sonic powered cleansing; which represents more than double that of Clarisonic as shown in independing testing. This difference helps make it easier to clean the t-zone area with soniclear.

Clarisonic Brush Head

This difference helps make it easier to clean the t-zone area of the face with Soniclear than Clarisonic.*

*POPSUGAR. STOP. No! 10 Ways You’re Using Your Clarisonic Totally Wrong. November 2015



  • Power Control Handle. Produces up to 300 sonic movements per second for 7x better cleansing than with hands alone.
  • Antimicrobial Daily Cleanse Brush. Gentle, effective daily cleansing brush. Brush bristles are sized and uniquely rounded at the tip for gentle, effective daily cleansing. Antimicrobial for stain and odor causing bacteria protection. Great for cleansing/ exfoliating the lip and eyebrow area.
  • Multiple Speeds. 3 sonic speeds for a customizable cleansing experience for your specific skin type and skin concerns.
  • Cleansing Timer. Built in automatic timer beeps to remind you to move to next cleansing area.
  • Cordless and Rechargeable. Provides up to 2+ Hours of continuous use on a single charge – *USB wall plug not included
  • Waterproof. Fully waterproof for use in the shower and bath.
  • Drying Stand. Upright cradle for drying and charging
  • Antimicrobial Product Protection for Brush. Safe, effective and long lasting LIFE Antimicrobial Product Protection is built into the brush head to protect against stain and odor causing bacteria so brushes stay cleaner, fresher for longer. Won’t wash out or wear off for the life of the brush.
  • Warranty. The Soniclear Petite has an industry leading 3 year limited warranty against defects.


*Please note recommended for use only with 5V 1A wall charger or via USB slot on your personal computer.  Any wall charger with different specs can cause the unit to overheat.
Please note that when charging the Soniclear Petite, the Charging Cord must be looped through the Charging Base


protected brush is a
REAL cleansing 

The inventors of Soniclear recognized that skin cells and moisture remaining on the brush heads between uses can create conditions for bacteria to grow. So all Soniclear brush bristles, the base to which the bristles are attached and the protective cap are treated during the manufacturing process with proprietary LIFE® antimicrobial product protection – a soniclear exclusive – to help guard against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria. Traditional skin cleansing systems do not provide this protection.

The antimicrobial protection in Soniclear is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency to guard against stain and odor causing bacteria on the Brush Heads of your Soniclear. In laboratory tests, surfaces treated with the antimicrobial in Soniclear showed 99.9% inhibition of stain and odor causing bacteria after 24 hours compared with an untreated control. Safe, effective and long lasting, the antimicrobial product protection in Soniclear Brush Heads will not wash out or wear off for the normal life of the brush so the brushes stay cleaner, fresher for longer.

Antimicrobial product protection is not a substitute for good hygienic practices nor is it intended to protect the user from disease causing microorganisms. We recommend that you clean the Brush Heads with warm soapy water before and after each use and not share Brush Heads for sanitary reasons.


Michael Todd Soniclear Cleansing Brushes Comparison

Price $89 $149 $199
Antimicrobial Brush Protection Yes Yes Yes
Warranty (Years) 3 5 5
C-Boost™ Technology Yes Yes
Speeds 3 6 6
Brushes Face Face + Body Face + Body
Rechargeable Battery Life (minutes) 170 60 60
Available in Solid Colors and Prints Yes Yes Yes
Non Slip Hand Grips Yes Yes
Built-In Timer Yes Yes Yes
100% Waterproof (Submergible) Yes Yes Yes
Brush Life Months 6 6 6
Charging Storage Cradle (Sold Separately) Yes Included Included
Pedi Treatment Head (Sold Separately) Yes Included
Extension Handle (Sold Separately) Yes Included 6
Travel Case ( Sold Separately) Included Yes Included
Yes Yes Included